Pathways to Peace vital for Timor-Leste’s Growth

Official Press Release for Noble TL

Dated August 26th 2016 Dili , Timor Leste

Nobel Laureate, Former President of the Republic and now Chairman José Ramos-Horta, formally launched Noble TL at his Official Office in Dili, Timor-Leste on the 26th of August 2016. The evening was attended by government representatives, diplomatic corps, private sector representatives and many supporters of the former President numerous initiatives in Timor-Leste. The highlight of the reception was the official unveiling of the “Discover Dili” website, Noble TL’s first promotional product.

“I initiated the the “Dili,City of Peace” campaign in 2008. The main aim of the peace building, environmental, poverty reduction and sporting events was to address and rectify the conditions that prevailed, allowing the 2006/2007 ‘crisis’ to manifest at the time.” said Noble TL’s Chairman; “Since then Timor-Leste has made many advances but the challenges remain the same. Noble TL considers education, rural development and employment as key catalysts to consolidate and foster a culture of peace in Timor-Leste. As evidenced by the 2012 Tour de Timor, which passed through NTT on the way to Oecussi and back, Timor-Leste has already proven that international events are an incredible way to promote peace, demonstrating how far Timor-Leste has come in such a short time.”

In addition to the tourism web portal Noble TL will also promote Timor-Leste with a handy sized magazine, also called Discover Dili, the fifth edition of which will be released later this year. Beyond marketing alone Noble TL will look to identify and create centers of economic development across the rural areas Timor-Leste which will enable the Tour de Timor to dynamically improve and enhance over the coming years.

Ramos-Horta went onto say: “When we talk about tourism Timor-Leste’s biggest draw are our people, culture, our pristine marine environment and our majestic mountains. Noble TL aims to demonstrate our country’s incredible array of natural assets by way of aggressive global marketing, special annual international events accompanied by tourism based activities throughout the year. This way we maintain momentum across multiple tourism sectors and our staff, strategic partners and clients will all benefit from increased volume of trade.”

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