Investment Strategy

Noble TL LTD looks to create long-term, sustainable value over and above Timor-Leste’s forecast GDP expansion, using first world analytics and methodology combined with a strong local partnership to mitigate downside risks. We believe there are opportunities for well-managed and adequately-capitalised companies to take leading market positions in Timor-Leste’s rapidly growing and evolving economy.

We seek to drive our own divisions to which we can add significant value over and above the provision of capital.  Our company divisions activities will be small or medium sized enterprises, and we will seek to add value in a number of areas including operations, strategy, finance, marketing and distribution, among others.

Our approach is very much one of partnership with entrepreneurs and management. Aligning the interests of all stakeholders involved in the business is core to our investment approach.

We are generalist investors and as such are flexible when it comes to the areas in which we invest. We seek to invest in the tourism industry which will come to drive the economy as Timor-Leste looks to diversify away from dependence on oil revenues.